Simone is extremely articulate and responsive. She takes her work seriously. It is a pleasure doing business with her. Simone constructed our website from scratch. It is now up and running and provides information to all of our players and their families.

# 304-671-2113

Doug Arndt

Run n Gun

Wow……..You are doing an awesome job Simone. Thank you.


Millicent Copeland

Black Top Basketball

When the VVA Chapter 1074, needed a website Simone donated her time and expertise to design and register our website. We are very happy with her work. She not only keeps…….. I recommend anybody who wants to upgrade or establish a new website to contact Simone. Also, she is very pleasant to work with.


Horace Brown

VSO, VVA Chapter 1074

Thank you so much for helping me with my Muse project, Simone. Much appreciated.


Richard Fox

Crack the Code

For more information please contact us and we can give you even more references.

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