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Working on your Website (Online Business) until it is the way you want it to be is what you can expect from us. Our team includes designer and developers and writes that have skills in many coding languages for desktop and mobile devices.

We will go through three rounds of design so you have a good idea of which one to choose. Time to research your competitors in your area is possible.

SHBC Agency professionals build websites with SEO in mind.

Maintenance of your Website is crucial for security, SEO, marketing . We have packages that fit every size of business.

SHBC Agency’s owner, Simone Hawthorne started as a Entrepreneur. “Believe me I feel the pain.”

You are in good hands from the start.



We have a three step circle and you can decide if you are satisfied and want to work with us all the way.

Here is how it works:

50/25/25 : that means we will set up three payments. We just want to make sure you are happy all the way!!


Three Stages

  1. We take 50% up front and we will deliver research and design suggestions of max three rounds until you sign off
  2. .This will start the second stage and the next payment of 25%.
  3. The last 25% will be payed before the site goes life.


WordPress is everybody’s ¬†favorite at the moment because the backend of your site is easy to understand and that will make it easy for you to update your site on your own, without having to call us up.

SHBC Agency can provide all website maintenance for you.

Business Catalyst

Business Catalyst is the perfect solution for a Corporation. It comes packed and fully loaded with everything a business needs to be successful. Even Quickbooks and a full Customer Relation System. Just give us a call if you need more information about Business Catalyst.


Custom designes sites in HTML5 and CSS3, Muse and much more, depending on your needs.

Need help setting up Social Media? No problem, you came to the right place!


"Simone is extremely articulate and responsive. She takes her work seriously. It is a pleasure doing business with her. Simone constructed our website from scratch. It is now up and running and provides information to all of our players and their families". Doug Arndt Run N Gun

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